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A New ANTIFOULING option?? (David Bornstein)

Tuesday 25 April, 2006

There is a new product on the Australian market to replace all existing antifoulings. You may have seen this product advertised in the "Afloat" magazine for April.

The product is called "Pureseal" and comes from the United Kingdom. It is alleged that this is a once only application, and provided you do not beach your boat, there is no reason why it can't last indefinitely. The product can be applied to both slow and fast moving boats as well as those boats which sit in their marina berth and never moved. Furthermore, the product can be applied to fast moving surfaces which includes propellers and rudders (so they claim). The product also can be applied to all surfaces including fiberglass, timber, and aluminium. There are two further advantages claimed for the product. The first is that it should improve your fuel consumption (because there is no friction between the water and your hull as the product is hydro phobic), and the second is that it will prevent corrosion of metallic objects under the water by excluding moisture and oxygen. The product is quite expensive being around $600 for 2 ½ litres. They allege however that it has twice the coverage of regular antifouling. Two coats are required with 24 hours between coats. The product cures further underwater over the next 14 days. A 43 foot boat would require approximately 5 litres I am told.
The manufacturer is at www.manorboat.co.uk

Sound too good to be true?
I thought so too. Consequently, I have now obtained a sample coated with the product. It consists of a piece of fiberglass and a second piece of aluminium suspended from a piece of stainless steel wire. I have scraped some of the product off each of these surfaces and this weekend the 22nd April it will be going into the water at my berth at Bobbin head. I intend to publish on this web site periodically the results of my experiment. The product itself, is slightly yellow and of rubbery texture. It works by allowing nothing to stick to it. It is however, relatively easy to scrape it off. The Australian importer of the product is Southern Seas Marine based at Coomera, Queensland (ph 07 5502 9666). (I understand they have a distributor in Sydney).

I have NO pecuniary interest in the product but have been researching antifoulings for some long period of time and came across this one about 4 months ago. They only recently appointed an Australian importer, and must have passed my e-mails on to them, as they contacted me first.

David Bornstein