Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Committee meets with d'Albora Management

Monday 24 April, 2006

Following discussions between the Committee, and with input from a number of the members of the ABCC, we recently organized a meeting with Richard Wolf, Manager of the Akuna Bay marina, to seek from him comments on plans for the Marina. We also wanted to take the opportunity to air with Richard some of our concerns to see what could be done to make Akuna Bay a better facility for all of us.

In total we spent a couple of hours looking at various issues, and provide the following summary for you to get an understanding on the possible future for us as tenants.

Staffing is now complete at the Marina with a total of nine members. There is a substantial continuing investment in training staff being committed by D'Albora, and the ABCC has offered to spend time with new staff to point out where we find they can be most helpful

An auto swipe credit card facility will be introduced during April 2006 for fuel purchases at Akuna Bay, relieving the need for one staff member to attend to this at weekends. An automatic calculation of discounts for ABCC members will be made.

Consideration will be given to having staff available at more flexible hours during summer and special holidays. However Richard stated this must be done under the constraints of labour cost budgets.

Richard stressed the need for all users of the marina to use a UHF radio to request assistance. Mike indicated he has been using this UHF system over eighteen months and found the support by radio to be excellent.

At present Akuna Bay is 86% full - this is the best result ever.

With respect to medical emergencies D'Albora is still considering the acquisition of stretchers and other aids. All D'Albora staff are trained to first level competency in first aid - but this is relatively basic.

Garbage collection is getting better at the Marina. It was noted that although Clipper Cruises do advise their customers to separate rubbish (recycle-ables etc) it was noticeable that the customers do not, in the main, do this.

Two new style customer trolleys are on trial. It is expected that all wheelbarrows will be eliminated, that existing fibreglass trolleys will be handed over for industrial use and that (in July) a substantial order for new trolleys of the type being trialed will be placed. The new trolleys will also have brakes fitted.

An extensive discussion on fuel costs followed. It was made clear that D'Albora will not compromise on current margins which are used to fund repairs. It was the common voice of the Committee that the current costs are outrageous, and that committee may - on an individual basis - recommend to other ABCC members that they purchase fuel at other venues.

As you should now be aware As You Like It Catering (AYLI) will be taking a lease on the upstairs restaurant, and that they will be offering a bar service on Fridays as well as other catering. It was stressed that support from members for this initiative is essential.

Security with ANS currently costs $10K per month. D'Albora has requested four security cameras be installed, and they are investigating the potential extension of security coverage hours.
D'Albora is responsible for parking on the smaller marina car park only. Otherwise National Parks is responsible for roadside management and control of the large car park and the road itself. Police cannot act on traffic infringements in the National Parks area.

With respect to the head lease D'Albora has on Akuna Bay:
" The current lease runs to the end of 2010
" A proposal is being submitted by the end of June 2006 for extension of this lease
" It may take twelve months for a decision to be made on this requested extension
" If successful D'Albora expects to spend in the vicinity of $9-10M to extend the Rack & Stack (R&S) to the level of the fuel wharf, the R&S will be equipped to handle 40 foot boats using a gantry crane rather than the forklift as at present
" Under a new lease one of the existing floating arms will be removed and the remaining arms will be re-configured to accommodate boats up to 100 feet
" The current lease allows building a further 30 meters beyond the current fuel wharf should this be required
" D'Albora is seeking a 25 year lease renewal

Infrared checks were conducted on the current R&S structure recently indicating there has been no change in the structure since last checked. There was some discussion on general safety measures being undertaken by D'Albora.

D'Albora provides water filters which members can request use of prior to filling their boats.

The old caterer in the café has been replaced, and the café will now come under the management of D'Albora directly. In the event of members wishing to use the café for 6 - 8 couples for evening events Richard asked that he be advised with sufficient notice to ensure member's needs are met when possible.

Janet raised the question of ice not always being available. Richard undertook to have a key for the ice fridge, and to be available through UHF radio.

There is a new pump out facility available at the end of C Arm

If you would like to discuss any of these points please fell free to speak with Richard Wolf directly, or with one of the Committee Members.

Mike McLaren
Secretary ABCC