Akuna Bay Cruising Club

NEW Club Mooring Rights Stickers

Tuesday 21 March, 2006

As you may have found there are a few "Phantom" Club members out there, who seem to have a Club flag and occupy our moorings, yet are not current financial members. To combat this, Club Member, Brian Budden (Key West) has kindly produced and donated a "Mooring Rights" sticker for us. These are similar to those used by RMYC and other boating clubs to indicate currency of Club Membership.

These are currently being mailed to all ABCC financial members. On receipt of your sticker please attach it to your boat, preferably on a port side, clearly visible to other members. A new sticker will be issued each year as Membership is renewed. Should you need a replacement sticker for any legitimate reason, it will be replaced on request. If you change boats, please be sure to take the Club Burgee with you and remove the sticker.

Brian Budden has also produced a range of other Club Stickers, which have a variety of uses, such as your car or tender. These are available on request from Marcia, our Treasurer (Eagle).