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Peat's Bite lunch on 12th April

Club photo at the lunch at Peats Bite, 12 April, 2003 © ABCC 2003

Club photo at the lunch at Peats Bite, 12 April, 2003

Wednesday 14 May, 2003

Scott and I wanted to go to the Peat's Bite lunch on 12th April but how were we going to get there? We have been marooned on land since the rapid sale of our Mustang (it took 20 minutes). Our friends, the Turners, came to our rescue. They very kindly offered to take us out to Peat's Bite and then to have us stay on board for the night. It was a great reminder why we spend so much time (and sometimes obscene amounts of money) to be on the water. Keith and Jenny made us feel really welcome and even gave us a bed to sleep in. At Peat's Bite lunch was great and then we relaxed at the marina and watched the sunset in the usual frenetic boatie fashion (not!). Frank Gardner tried to turn the heads of the women by prancing around the marina in his flanelette pyjamas but he didn't get any takers (oh, except one lady who seemed to be quite taken with Frank in his Duff beer jim-jams).

Then we were amazed by Harry Nicol navigating his boat the whole weekend just using the engines (the steering went pop!) and he did a sterling job. On the Sunday, Keith took us for tour of Wobby Beach and then we met up with Harry, Jil and their guests and went up to Bobbin Head to check out the new marina up there. It wasn't bad but let me assure Scott and Robyn Blakeman that they have nothing to fear from the store/café at Bobbin Head. They could certainly learn something from you guys about presentation. Scott and I just want to say "Thanks to Jenny and Keith" again for putting up with us and particularly Scott's nocturnal indiscretions... we had a great weekend.

Scott and Kim Murray

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