Akuna Bay Cruising Club


Saturday 04 February, 2006

Maybe not so young, but certainly free in spirit, twenty two members of the Akuna Bay Cruising Club gathered on Gunyah Beach on Saturday 28 January to let their hair down to celebrate Australia Day.

The event (master-minded by Secretary Mike Mc Laren) was planned like a military operation. Committee members were designated responsibility for the various activities organized to test the skills of the assembled thong. (We mean throng).

The ABCC vessels, decorated to the hilt, started arriving at various intervals during the morning. The first test of the day was for the 'captains' to hone their anchoring skills. Some had many attempts!! Some had not anchored for ages! Spoilt of course, by the many club moorings!!!!

Once completed, the next task was to transport by tender, the paraphernalia required for a beach picnic. And what an array that brought!. Soon the beach was a picture of true Australiana: decorated vessels bobbing about in the water; beach umbrellas and towels flying the Aussie flag; and members strolling around in various attire displaying true allegiance to the cause.

After cracking a few 'tinnies' and the odd bottle, some of the members starting showing off their cooking skills. With flour flying past in the gentle breeze, the damper mixtures were soon in their respective places (in Cobb bbq's ) for the cook off of the day. And the winners were the McLarens with a golden damper enhanced by being knocked off the table by the stiff breeze and with the added touch of sand. A total of 6 dampers were created that day, (some arriving too late to be judged). Everyone got to taste each damper and judge the results for themselves. Barry Southern had quite a mouthful.

Frank and Julie Nolan made a spectacular entry into the bay with their vessel bedecked in flags, balloons and bunting, taking out the prize for the best boat. Jackie and Graeme Stamford were runners up. James and Nita arrived by dinghy, having braved the choppy seas (their decoration being their life jackets).

Frank Nolan and Marcia Southern took out the best dressed prizes respectively, as Aussie tennis players. Commodore Stephen and first mate Kim in their almost identical outfits demonstrated true allegiance to the flag. Kim Murray had her national antennae at the ready to detect any foul play in the proceedings.

The hunt for the biggest gum leaf was won by Scott Murray who also demonstrated his outstanding prowess at thong throwing and (losing a boomerang in the bushes). The latter event did not take place in the interests of safety and a boomerang that did not come back.

Janet Gardner had lots of bush ballads up her sleeve but alas, everyone was having too good a time to sit and listen to readings especially as the ants and March flies were in abundance. Past Commodore Frank was the official photographer capturing all the activities and fellowship. Rae and Bill Howe joined in the fun despite Bill's recent operation and Trisha and Jeff Sheehan were there in full force (without their barge). It was great to see our newer members Bob and Margaret, join in the festivities.

Carol Prentice won the hamper which was donated by As you Like It Catering and about 10 members shared in the exchange of Aussie gifts supervised by Wendy McLaren.

All in all, this group of ABCC members did its best to celebrate Australia Day with great food, festivity, fun, frivolity and fellowship as the photographs in the "photo gallery" will show.

Janet & Frank Gardner

Dear Committee

We would like to express thanks to "As You Like It" Catering for the great hamper we received at the Club's Australia Day Weekend.
As you would expect it was filled with all sorts of goodies, which we shared on the beach with our chums.
The hamper was professionally prepared and certainly catered to a number of tastes with a good variety.

Thanks again
David and Carol Prentice