Akuna Bay Cruising Club

WARNING !! Blitz on boat wash (Mike McLaren)

Friday 13 January, 2006

Waterways have posted a notice at Akuna Bay indicating they are concerned about excessive wash, specifically in Coal and Candle and Smiths Creek. It appears that a number of small boat owners/users have been complaining about the excessive wash from larger boats, and as a result Waterways will be looking for vessels which "endanger" others, have the potential to capsize other vessels, or those who create "annoyance" to others.

This annoyance matter is somewhat subjective - but the example given is that a wake from a larger vessel may cause alarm to those on a smaller craft (e.g. a tinnie) and that Waterways will take action against those reported. This can lead to a fine of $550.

The bottom line is to ensure we all show respect to others on the water.

With this in mind, I raised concerns that some water skiers/tube riders etc. often approach to within sixty metres when we are on the water. That is, no matter our intent to keep a safe distance, they are the ones who infringe. The Waterways officer invited anyone concerned with such behaviour to collect names or registrations of the offending craft and to report them.
The phone number for the Waterways officer who is most likely to be available for action in our area is 0427 976 161.

Safe boating.

Mike McLaren (WyKnot)