Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Another Great Trivia Night (Commodore Stephen)

Monday 31 October, 2005

Trivia night 28th October 2005.

For those who missed the Trivia night on October 28th, read on and laugh. The night organised by Janet and Frank Gardner was a cracker, with twenty seven members turned up to shake the white ants out of the Club rooms. The show started at about 7.45pm reflecting the busy lives that most of us seem to lead (outside boating!).

In addition to the usual Trivia type questions there were a couple of other fun projects run on the night as well as some spot prize questions asked during the marking of the forms. The projects were "Macquarie Leisure has established a marina on Mars, name the club, Name six items for the club room and two events that the club runs". The other was to name all of the states of the European Union having been given the first letter.

We formed up into teams and had to name the teams which turned out to be "SKKAGS", "The Remarkables", "Reel Eagles Too" and "The Dynamos".

Well the "SKKAGS" were away to a great start leading by a fair margin at half time then decided to throw a few point in the name of humour. In the end the "SKKAGS" won the night!

The laugh of the night goes to Janet who "lost it" when adjudicating the Mars answers. I think that we all have had the best belly laugh for a long time out of the evening.

Some of the Mars answers are repeated here:
Club name:
Spaced out cruising club.
Astral Boating Constellation Club (ABCC)
One Million Mile High Club.
Aviatrix Beyond Cruising Club (ABCC)

Club Items:
Satellite TV
Vacu flush Toilet
Endless supply of Mars Bars
VVHF radio
Moorings in the Milky way
Anti gravity anchors
Club exchange program with the Women from Venus
Men's room for the men from Mars.
Directions to Uranus.
Kennel for Pluto
Club events.
Galactic Ball
Weekend at Tranquillity base
Dust Bowl Ball
Planetary Trivia night.

During the night we ate and drank our BYO and introduced two new couples to the group :-
Garry and Annette Moss (Sentosa II)
Bob and Margaret Taylor (Sez Am)
Welcome aboard the club.

This was another great Club night, after a particularly rugged week and a night that was appreciated by all. It was very typical of why the club is so much fun.
A very special thanks must go to Janet and to Frank who put a lot of work into the preparation and the running of the evening, they are special people.

Stephen Smith
Commodore ABCC