Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Our "Rag & Stick" Adventure (Scott & Kim Murray)

Wednesday 05 October, 2005

Saturday of the Long Weekend and Scott and I set off with Commodore Steve and Lady Commodore Kim on Banyandah II to America Bay.
We meet up with the McCanns on Classic Dreams and have a pleasant drink with them.

Barry Deeks (Alona) joins us later and we stick a large pork on the Cobb for dinner.

Dinner has to be early because at 6pm we all set off for Sydney Harbour.

N/E winds are blowing, no moon, but plenty of lights on the coast to guide us on the way down. A helicopter with search light mistakes Barry on Alona for an illegal fisherman and gives him a quick buzz. The winds prove to be unreliable and fluky and we motor for the final leg into Sydney Harbour.

We arrive 11pm-ish and need good eyes and maps to distinguish the nav. Lights in the harbour from the background city lights but we eventually find a CCC mooring in Vaucluse Bay, we raft up with Alona and have a peaceful night at mooring.

Day dawns on Sunday, no clouds and a stiff breeze blowing already. We ring Richard at Akuna Bay and he kindly arranged a last minute extra berth for Alona at Cabarita. Kim Smith hops on board Alona for the trip down the harbour to Cabarita with a camera. Steve decides to give Scott and I a sailing lesson and the conditions could not have been better!
It was a brilliant shiny morning, wide blue sky and the city skyline sparkled like a diamond. It was the sort of day that makes you glad you're an Aussie.

We made our way to Cabarita, where the space between the arms is astonishing, you could do boat doughnuts in the space available.

So with Barry safely aboard Banyandah II, we set off back to the harbour, keen to find a feed somewhere...anywhere....

Well, an observation I have made is that people fall into two categories..
Cat. 1 - you've met Steve Smith and you reckon he's a pretty good bloke.
Cat. 2 - you're about to meet Steve Smith and you'll find out that he's a pretty good bloke.

So Steve gets out the mobile phone and calls someone? The result of which is the following...

We sail straight into Woolloomoolloo Bay (where Rusty lives) and berth in a spot there (no, you just can't do that!) have a bloke waiting at the gate of the berths to let us out and a table for five is waiting for us at Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse!!!!

That Steve Smith is a "CAN-DO" kind of guy!!

So, we have a great meal, good company, great service and a very reasonable price at the end of it all. We spotted Lawsie and the Princess taking a stroll on the wharf and Jamie Packers' 80' sports cruiser tried to squeeze its not inconsiderable bulk up the channel to drop off two more of the beautiful people.

We finish off lunch, jump back on board and take off for Cabarita again to get ready for the footy final.

Barry chuffs off to Alona to tune in the TV, which he does successfully and so it's drinks in the cockpit of Banyandah II as the sun goes down.

Now, our proximity to the Homebush Bay complex meant that while sitting on Banyandah II, we were entertained by skywriters, parachutists, helicopters, fireworks, rabid footy fans on rivercats, you name it!

At kick-off time, we adjourn to Alona and with heated sausage rolls and sauce, we watch the Tigers win, does it get any better than this!!

An early night after the footy, to be ready for our trip back up to Broken Bay.

We have favourable Westerly winds of 5-10 kts, no swell, no clouds, warm breeze, all in all, PERFECT conditions!

We trundle our way up the coast where we encounter a pod of dolphins including a mother and her very young baby...soooo cute. Very big on the "AAAWWWW" factor.

So as we round Barrenjoey Headland, Steve contacts his kids who are at Palm Beach for the day. We drop anchor just into Pittwater and Steve drops in the dinghy and heads off to pick up his two wonderful daughters who join us for lunch.

We're off again after a late lunch and get back to Akuna Bay just before 5pm.

We're all so tired, wind burnt and sunburnt but What a weekend!!

Scott and I would like to thank Steve and Kim and Barry Deeks for showing a couple of confirmed stink boaters just what the fascination is with sailing.

But they still can't get up to Peats Bite.

Scott & Kim Murray
"Scott Free"