Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Drinking & Boating, a risky mix !! (Kaptain Kaos)

Sunday 18 September, 2005

A recent experience by Leif Albertson should serve as a timely warning as the boating season draws near.
Leif was giving a boating lesson on the Georges River on a recent Tuesday afternoon, the waterway was almost deserted when they were approached by the Water Police and subjected to a random breath test. Neither had been drinking so there was no problem, but the officers warned them that this summer they were significantly increasing the number of random test on the waterways.
As it is not uncommon for some Club Members to consume a modest amount of alcohol when out boating. We should always be aware of our responsibilities when in charge of a vessel, so always let good common sense prevail and be mindful of the risks and possible consequences when consuming alcohol.