Akuna Bay Cruising Club

MROCP Radio Operator's Course

Tuesday 02 August, 2005

Very few boaties realize that it is illegal to operate a VHF or MF/HF marine radio without a Marine radio Licence (MROCP), in fact a maximum fine of over $100,000 is possible if caught operating a VHF Radio without such a licence. Though to date we believe no such fine has ever been imposed !

Seventeen Club members recently sat through the course at Akuna Bay over 2 Friday nights, followed by the MROCP Exam on a later Friday night. The course was run by the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and whilst fairly complex in some areas, it was a most worthwhile exercise, providing some serious 'brain fodder' for many of us.

At the time if writing this, exam results were not available, though the unanimous verdict was that 'even if we fail the knowledge gained was worth the pain'.

A big "thank you" to Chris Gillett and David White of the AVCG for their great efforts in
making this course possible.

The Club is now looking at running a "coastal navigation' course in the near future, so please be sure to register if you are interested in participating