Akuna Bay Cruising Club

The Miami Boat Show 2005 (Harry & Jill Nicol)

Thursday 31 March, 2005

Jill and Harry Nicol visited the Annual Miami Boat Show between 17-21 February - The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is held in October each year. Their thoughts are as follows.

Well what can we say that would remotely do justice to this fairy tale display of some of the most opulent boats on the planet? With names like "The World is not Enough" on a boat, it's easy to believe it's just a play on words. But when you look at the boat itself and realise at 140 feet this Millennium Super Yacht is 4 stories high and has its own lift, you start to comprehend just what this boat show is all about.

Names like Christensen - Fedships - Palmer Johnson, are world leaders in building these super yachts. In fact, there was more than 100 Super yachts over 100 feet in length on display and nearly 400 boats between 50 feet to 100 feet in length, and these only represents 30% of the show! For the avid sailors of wind power, there is a super yacht marina with nearly 500 of the worlds best to tempt you.

Across town, one of the largest indoor exhibition halls has a further
2.3 million square feet devoted to more than 2200 marine exhibitors. America is home to over 72 million boaties. In fact, the record is over 78 million set in 1997 and boat ownership is growing at over 6% per annum. With national registrations totaling more than 17 million, this doesn't take into account all these tinnies etc. that are not registered. The national "Harris Poll" shows that spending quality time with family and friends without the need to travel overseas or far from home, is fueling the huge
resurgence in boating with a financial benefit to the economy of more than US$30 Billion. The 3 biggest boat sales per state are Michigan, California and Florida.