Akuna Bay Cruising Club

And Wet Ones

Saturday 01 March, 2003

When things go wrong (in Refuge Bay)... who ya gonna call?

You never know what will and won't work when you buy a new boat until you use it as Rodney and I found out.

Well, one hot day in January this year we were sitting on the back deck of our new 36 Riviera (My Fair Lady) wondering what to do with the water that had recently accumulated under the galley floor that afternoon from the first use of the shower (we are not very mechanically minded).

When along came Frank Nolan and Keith Turner in their trusty tender carrying what looked like a water pump. Rodney and I stood there amazed. We were really so flamooshed that we started to laugh. We could not believe the answer to our problem was just metres away.

Within minutes of getting on board Frank and Keith acted like the comsumate professionals TAKING CHARGE and assessing the problem. Just like specialists they began pumping away in our galley to their hearts content until all the water had gone. Not only did they do a good job they looked like they enjoyed it. We were over the moon...(shadow).

Rodney and I were flabbergasted that this service was part of the membership of the ABCC. Wow what a club and what a Commodore.

Thanks Frank and Keith we really appreciate what you did for us. And if you ever need a reference to change vocation just call!!! Or is that what Moonshadowing or should I say Moonlighting is all about?