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Saturday 01 March, 2003

13th February is a special day for Harry & Jill Nicol being our anniversary. This year it was off to Cottage Point. We had a great lunch and were non stop talking about our 1st beach ball event.

After our lunch it was onto "High Time" for a leisurely cruise to Hallets, where one mooring remained. Then without notice everyone left, and we had the bay to ourselves. (It must be something to do with Harry's driving or Jill's deodorant!!).

As it had now become cocktail hour, we moved to the bow of the boat for bubbles and to enjoy the serenity of the moment along with a Kookaburra who wanted our nibbles and a Magpie to backup what the other left behind.

The next day on waking up to a glorious morning and of course Valentines Day, I went to the kitchen to find the biscuit tin with the lid off and the biscuits all half eaten!! I thought that the birds had flown in whilst we were at the bow of the boat the night before.

After having my morning cuppa on deck, Harry went into the loo for his morning event and double took as he thought he was seeing things. A RAT was in our shower!! He came upstairs and said "Now don't scream when I tell you something" to which I ran to the bow before he could say what it was!!

When he told me that a RAT was on board I was going to ring 000 but decided to ring our Commodore Keith to stop for supplies of rat poison and a rat trap before arriving at Hallets. Meanwhile Harry, who now was awake and ready to deal with the situation armed himself with an oven mitt, some tongs and a size 9 shoe.

I re-rang Jenny Turner to also bring the daily newspapers when I let out an almightly scream down the phone as Harry entered the cabin from the bathroom with the deadish RAT by the tail to throw overboard. So I said to Jenny, "cancel the rat-trap as Captain Courageous had killed the RAT and I was ready to have a stiff drink and it wasn't even 10.00am!!

Let me just finish by saying that it will be a Valentine's Day I won't forget in a hurray and one that I could have done without. However the Beach Ball went terrific the next day and will be a time on the water that will live in our memories - GOOD, BAD OR UGLY!!