Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Chicken, Champagne & TRIVIA (a participant's view)

Tuesday 09 November, 2004

We could hear the excitement emerging from our Club Rooms as Nita and I walked along the western border of the Marina, past Robyn and Scott's friendly "Store Akuna". The explosions of laughter, the musical popping of champagne corks, the excited body movements silhouetted against the lights of the deck outside the clubroom door, all pointed towards the lively and entertaining evening ahead --- and was it ever so!

As we climbed the stairs to enter the clubroom, we were transfixed by the beautiful large "Bette Davis" eyes of Marcia Southern as she heroically and competently checked us all for our tiny entrance fees. All this, as we were greated by Jenny and Keith Turner just ahead of our Headmistress and Floor Manager for the night, Janet and Frank Gardner. Yes, this was the night of the Gardner's who had worked so hard and professionally to prepare the many sheets of classified questions and photographs to test, entertain and educate us. We were all found to be knowledgeable in SOME areas, but were similarly found lacking in other fields of thought. But BEFORE we commenced to improve our minds, we drank champagne, we drank again and we enjoyed the delightful platters of freshly cooked chicken, home made salad, crisp bread rolls, plus second servings for any of us who thought we could still be hungry. All this was followed by delicious deserts and coffee after our "schoolwork" had been completed.

Although only some 30 of us braved the Friday night to be present, we had a marvellously wide range of knowledge and age groups. Janet and Frank had anticipated this diversity of personnel, and had questions for each of us.

And after all our fun, Commodore Keith recalled that last year our first Trivia night was organised by Rodney and Lynne Davies . Unfortunately, we lost Lynne recently after a short but brave fight with Cancer. Our thoughts are with Rodney and their daughter Trudy at this sad time.

On a happier note, we had amongst us two recently joined members, Barry and Lynne Deeks. These wonderful English folk came to Australia 35 years ago, and were celebrating their wedding anniversary at our Trivia night. They are helping to boost the ranks of we simple "pure" sailors.

Nita and I had to leave a bit early to drive to Turramurra, but we heard strong rumours that many of the revellers were retreating to the sanctuary of the Southern's boat "Eagle", to assist in the consumption of the alcoholic prizes, some quite enjoyable wines.
Ah well, this is what happens at the Akuna Bay Cruising Clubs' Champagne and Trivia nights.

For the record the winning team on the night was "Ice Cool", comprising Keith & Jenny Turner with Barry & Ty Southern.

(Kindly contributed by James Vale)James V