Akuna Bay Cruising Club


Tuesday 09 November, 2004

Thirty something ABCC members (really doesn't matter to be exact) assembled in the club rooms for a trivia night on 29 October.

A chicken dinner was enjoyed by all and the champagne, wine and beer kept up the spirits and primed the group for the big challenges ahead.

Comperes Janet and Frank Gardner sourced all manner of means to come up with some challenging questions and activities to test the minds of these boaties.

The evening started with a horse and jockey activity which tested the best of them! There were accusations of not getting the correct photocopies, the horses were different, that it wasn't possible to solve, but Elizabeth (and Terry) Cashman solved it in about as much time as it took Makybe Diva to win its second Melbourne Cup!

The 25 photographic faces tested them with the dark horses being Stephanie Alexander (famous chef, restaurateur and writer) and Jorn Utzon (designer of the Sydney Opera House) Several thought the handsome child was Prince Frederick of Denmark, Gough Whitlam or Winston Churchill. Alas it was Frank Gardner! Winston Churchill as a young man, was compared with Banjo Patterson and Oscar Wilde!

A series of 80 questions followed in various categories. A sample of the some innovative 'answers' follows.

What do these names have in common? Winnebago, Tobacco, Laguna, Mobile, Mono and Yazoo. Some said they were are all mobile homes/campervans or caravans, computer companies, when in fact they are the names of native American tribes.

What are macropods? Aliens, elephants or something big. (of course macropods are kangaroos and wallabies).

Who knelt with Richard Nixon in the final hours of Watergate? Mrs Nixon, Billy Graham and Oliver North. Of course it was the diplomat Henry Kissinger.

Which famous person rode Black Bess? One group said Lester Piggott when in fact it was Dick Turpin (over three hundred years ago).

The Ice Cool group scored the highest points of the evening, followed closely by Carol and the Angels. We won't mention the lowest score and it was LOW!!!

All in all, there was such hilarity emanating from the club room. Several of the
noisy contestants had to be constantly reprimanded for their loud interjections.