Akuna Bay Cruising Club

2004 Annual General Meeting

Monday 30 August, 2004

The Aquarium Wharf at 11.30am Sunday 29th August resembled Circular Quay with a P & O cruise ship departing! Some fifty five excited ABCC members and partners were assembled at the wharf chatting with such enthusiasm that no alcohol was needed [or available at that stage] to elate the feelings of these wonderful boating people assembled to depart on a cruise they would never forget, the 2004 AGM, on a Sailing Boat! Yes, a sailing boat for the club, which as everyone knows, is largely a powerboat club. All the preparation of the Keith and Jenny Turner, Harry and Jill Nicol, Frank and Janet Gardner and the other committee members was all coming to fruition.

Gone were the jeans, the bare feet, the bare chests, the [dare I say it ] bra-less tops. Here were the leather jackets, the tailored slacks, the exciting scarves, the ladies' make-up, the men's yachting jackets, clean shaven too. The ladies hair styles were previously unseen, they had all found their elegant bras, there were stockings to be noticed and earrings were all there to be different.

Then we went aboard the good Matilda cruise vessel! Champagne flowed like water as we swept aboard the forward deck, name tags were handed out by Jenny Turner who had slaved over them the night before, and at last we could determine all those names of new members that we were not sure about. Then down to the saloon, wow! Lots of room! with tables laden with buffet food, the minestrone soup, the roast beef, the pork, the vegetables, followed by chocolate cake, and coffee. But the wine kept flowing like water, and it was VERY acceptable wine, too.

But, of course, we DID have the Annual General Meeting which included one very important item on insurance which Keith and Frank Nolan had slaved over for our benefit. It looked very good to me.

But we had sad moments too, Rodney and Lynne Davies were remembered by us all, as poor Lynne battles with cancer. Clive and Daphne Stewart were not able to be with us due to ill health and Phil & Di Ralph called in sick at the last moment.

Our new committee looks vigorous and committed. I think that we will have some exciting developments during the year.

We must place on record that our cruise ship's SAILS were erected and we [mostly power boaties] were sailing at our AGM. This was a great triumph for the author and some of the other minority of sailors.

Back to Aquarium Wharf we did come by 4.00 pm, some of us a little tiddley perhaps, but ever so pleased with the success of the day. Probably, it was the best club function since the Beach Ball at Hallets Beach.

James Vale