Akuna Bay Cruising Club

A Gardner falls into the water again

Saturday 01 March, 2003

Many of you would have already met Winten Gardner, the new addition to the Gardner household. Being a small kitten of only several months, she had her first venture on the water in January. We were concerned that as she had so much energy, she would find the boat somewhat restricted. Her first foray into boating was pretty uneventful. She found the sunny spots on the flybridge, got into the wine cellar, tried to climb the fibreglass, but mostly ate, drank and slept like human boaties do.

Not so, on her second weekend trip away. Winten became far more advernurous, hopping from boat to boat during the raft up with the Dancker't and Howard. This was find during the day, but on the Monday evening of the long weekend, the five of us were just enjoying our meal and a few more bottles were opened. We heard a bell twinkle, then the sound plop, of something dropping into the water. Winen unsuccessfully tried to hop across, up near the bow, onto Ray and Rhonda's boat, Liquid Asset.

Rhonda screamed, Janet went for the boat hook, Howard the landing net, Frank the torch.

The clever kitten in the meantime swam the length of the boat (35 feet) and climbed up the swim ladder. Ray found her on the back section of his boat, dripping and somewhat scared.

A quick rub over with the towel and no-one would have know the difference.

Eight lives to go!!!