Akuna Bay Cruising Club

PEAT'S BITE - Another Great Day !!

Friday 26 March, 2004

Well!! what a great day (and night) at Peats Bite Restaurant on Saturday March 27th. The weather was just perfect, as was the company, for the fabulous food and entertainment that was once again put on by Rod & Tammy at Peat's Bite Restaurant. Most of us arrived around noon and settled for a wonderful afternoon of excellent food and fine wines until about 5.00pm.

Peter Firminger provided dancing lesson to to Pat, one of the waiters which caused one of many laughs for the afternoon. This caused Marcia Southern to suggest that we have a fun night of dancing lessons in the Marina restaurant (When new owners take over). For those of you who don't know, the restaurant and coffee shop are both up for sale with significant interest being currently shown by 2 prospective buyers.
Kim (Go-go) Murray put on another show of great dancing to music on her boat which entertained the 16 of us on Harry and Jill Nicol's boat in the evening. I think Kim could be the teacher for our dancing night?!!

A snake also tried to gate-crash the party by climbing onto Harry's boat (photo on web site shortly) but barely made the the first step before he was boat-hooked into the water.

Not sure what time we eventually finished up, but a great day (and night) was had by all. A leisurely Sunday breakfast on the Peat's Bite Marina was enjoyed by all before we all heading for home.
Can't wait till next year.

Jill & Harry Nicol