Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Beach Ball - the observations of James Vale

Monday 16 February, 2004

Permit me to retrace our steps from the beginning of our party, so that we have a record. The Boules this year started off at twice the previous scale of operations with two sets in play. Stephen Smith brought precision into the games by actually measuring the distances between the balls to determine winners. Champagne flowed like water, and the contributed nibbles were better that any restaurant.
Then as in previous years, we retreated to our boats to recover from the effort, shower and dress. And dress we truly did! How can we ever forget the beautiful ladies in their very sexy masks and lovely dresses. The guys were very much better presented this year, led by Frank Gardner in his formal jacket with tails, did you notice that our dear Commodore Keith resisted wearing his red silk shorts until the latter part of the evening?

But let me reactivate your saliva glands by reminding you of the feast that Jill and Harry Nicol together with Jenny Turner organised for us. We started off with the seafood entree dominated by those huge Coffs Harbour prawns, oysters and smoked salmon. Weren't they just so good?? Then the main course with the roast chicken and ham with the wonderfully fresh salad and bread rolls.
But wait, the final word, the ultimate! Our DESSERT (courtesy of Lynne & Rodney Davies). WOW! Here we were out on a remote beach feasting on chilled chocolate logs and cheesecakes of such high quality. Thank you all so much to those on the organising committee and a special thanks particularly to Paul & Jenell Milsted for organising the generator which gave us the much needed light for eating, music and dancing.

Now just to finish off, let me say on behalf of us all that the "tents" and tables were so good this year (now owned by the Club). If we had to suffer rain, as we did the very first year when David and Carol started us off, all 62 of us would have been so snug.
A great effort by our generous committee and leaders.
Thanks guys!
James Vale