Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Beach Ball - from the eyes of a new Observer

Monday 16 February, 2004

"Not to be missed" was the common talk as I was indoctrinated into the social gatherings of A-Arm, oh what fun!
Brian Getty, the "A-Arm comic" whose Indian accent is as good as his Scottish is usually holding an audience telling new jokes and representing old ones to make most evenings at the marina most enjoyable. It was the Gettys that got me going with the enthusiasm of joining the Cruising Club at attending my first ever beach ball!

Tuni Getty was kind enough to get hold of an application form, Brian and Milan vouched for my character as a new member and on submission I was told that I couldn't attend the ball! The demand for a seat was overwhelming and that the quota of 60 had been reached and I was number 61!....Well, I must have charmed someone or someone had heard that I donĀ¹t tell a bad joke myself and I was awarded the privilege of being "squeezed in".

Wish I had my camera. Shorts being dropped at water's edge (I'm not telling...... the person concerned [male of course] has consistently challenged my observation), stories told, a few swingers on the dance floor and keeping in motion with the tide or was it merely the fact that they weren't quite sure which way the tide was? Glasses were on, but clearly their vision was blurred. A full moon and a full menu. The best part was being asked to draw the raffle ticket as the barrel girl. Never been asked that before!

As in life, new experiences and good fun is always welcome. Next year, I'll make sure that I get in early, have a date and take a camera to verify the facts!

Thanks to all committee members for investing so much into the night. Enjoy Peats Bite or is that Pete's bite? Who is Pete? Does he have his own teeth?

I'll toast you all from overseas!


Gayna (Female Skipper A19!)