Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Beach Ball 2004 - as experienced by Frank & Janet Gardner

Monday 16 February, 2004

The 2004 Beach Ball was an outstanding success! The efforts of all those who were involved in the planning, preparation, setting up and catering, certainly guaranteed that a good time would be had by all.

However, in the absence of live entertainment it was incumbent on a member of the Gardner family once again to provide some lively distraction from the festivities.

Janet was so proud that she had managed on three occasions on the weekend to get into the dinghy and back on board MV Viende without falling into the water.

Everything was going 'swimmingly' until just after the main course. Answering a nature call Janet ventured into the dark. We all know it is difficult juggling a swimming costume and a long jacket to do this simple task , but in the process Janet lost her balance,(uttering several expletives) as she slipped sideways to hit her head on a rock. Vanity prevailed as she put her hand out to prevent her $300+ spectacles from smashing as she fell sideways onto this rock.

Dazed she wandered back to the party, to be greeted by Frank who noticed the bleeding face and legs and blank look on her face.

Nurse Lynne Davis and Dr David Bornstein attended to her, checking for broken nose, shock, abrasions, bleeding etc.

At this stage she clearly didn't feel like any dessert and felt it best to leave the party and return to the boat (which she did successfully with the assistance of Peter Wolpert and Frank).

The next morning the damage could be assessed more clearly: two black eyes, a graze on the left cheek, quite a decent abrasion to her upper left leg which was accompanied by a whopping bruise on her left leg, not to mention the aches and pains.

She had some explaining to do to the orthopaedic surgeon at her appointment on the Monday following the Beach Ball! It was indeed fortunate that it was the left leg that copped the brunt of her fall as the following Monday she will undergo surgery to have her right hip replaced.

On the brighter side, hopefully we can look forward to a more sprightly and agile Janet, who will no doubt continue to provide some distraction, other trick or star turn at future club functions.