Akuna Bay Cruising Club


Thursday 17 November, 2016

Akuna Bay Cruising Club AGM
Held at Pilu at Akuna Bay
20th August 2016

Call to order: (12:00 hrs) Bob Taylor rose as Commodore to Chair the Meeting and welcomed all in attendance.
Between Members present (42) and proxies received (9), there were sufficient numbers to form a meeting quorum and have the meeting proceed.

Minutes of the previous AGM:
The minutes of the previous AGM had been circulated to members prior to the meeting with the notice of meeting. They were accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting, moved by Stephen Hardy and seconded by Jeff Sheehan.

Financial report:
Copies of the report were distributed with the Notice of AGM. The Bank Balance at 1/07/2015 was $12,265.64 and the balance at the end of the 2016 year was $9,161.06. Treasurer Ross Unwin explained that annual income of $15,666.28 primarily came from membership dues of $9,500 and the Beach Ball provided a profit of $1,021. Expenses were $18,770.86 with mooring costs of $9,858 being significantly higher than usual due to the laying of a new mooring at The Basin and repairs to damages at various moorings. This is expected to be lower in 2016/17. A donation of $1.000 was also made to the Jack Luck Foundation in accordance with a Club objective to support causes affecting Members' lives.

The Treasurer's report was accepted on the motion of Frank Gardner and seconded by Ian Franklin.

Commodore's report:
The report was distributed with the Notice of AGM. Commodore Bob Taylor spoke to his report mainly recounting the experiences Members enjoyed at the organised social events throughout the year. The events had generally been well supported, particularly The Spit weekend visit and the Beach Ball but events like the Gosford cruise and dinner and the June long weekend raft-up had few attendees. The success of the Beach Ball was particularly due to the catering provided by Dennis Stokes and his helpers. Bob had surveyed members mid-year about what the Committee could do better and he received responses from a dozen members. The main feedback was a desire for more on-water activities.

Bob also discussed how the donation to the Jack Luck Foundation supported "everything the Club is about" and invited Rob Luck to address the meeting. Rob outlined the story of his son Jack's recent sad loss and what the objectives and achievements of the Foundation were. He much appreciated the donation and was warmly supported by all Members present.

The Commodore's report was accepted on the motion of Scott Murray and seconded by Graeme Sheldon.

Election of Office Bearers:
The meeting was handed over to the Public Officer - Jeff Sheehan. All positions were declared vacant and he then advised that the following nominations had been received:-
Bob Taylor - Nominated: Kim Murray, Seconded: Ross Unwin
Vice Commodore
Brian Budden - Nominated: Bob Taylor, Seconded: Kim Murray
Ross Unwin - Nominated: Bob Taylor, Seconded: Kim Murray
Jeff Sheehan - Nominated: Ross Unwin, Seconded: Brian Budden
Frank Gardner - Nominated: David Prentice, Seconded: Carol Prentice
Pino Roncone - Nominated: Ross Unwin, Seconded: Bob Taylor
Kim Murray - Nominated: Bob Taylor, Seconded: Ross Unwin
Trisha Sheehan - Nominated: Jeff Sheehan, Seconded: Janet Gardner
Terri Unwin - Nominated: Kim Murray, Seconded: Bob Taylor

There being no other nominations from the floor, positions were declared filled for 2016-2017 as above. Commodore Bob Taylor resumed the Chair and commented that the social events for 2016/17 would likely be similar as most events work well in general. He welcomed new Committee members Pino Roncone and Terri Unwin and looked forward to working with the Committee in the coming year. He also thanked Stephen Smith and Mike McLaren for their long-standing service to the Club through the Committee.

General Business
1) A query about the current progress on the sale of the d'Albora marinas business which Bob Taylor addressed by giving the latest feedback from the marina manager regarding a Melbourne-based buyer who had become preferred bidder.
2) New members were welcomed - Kim & Troy Simpson, Brent & Christine Kijurina, Graeme & Elizabeth Sheldon.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 12:50pm
(Minutes taken by Secretary Jeff Sheehan)