Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Radio communication with the Marina

Friday 19 December, 2003

As mentioned by Marina Manager, Gus Pallott at our most recent information evening, the hand held UHF radios are now available from the Marina office at $90 a pair. These are small, neat and easily usable radios that have many uses.

The principle use may well be communication with Akuna Bay marina as you are approaching. If you feel you need assistance with berthing, simply select "channel 8" and you can communicate directly with the Marina staff to tell them who you are and what assistance you may require.

They have a 3 kilometre 'line of sight' range, so if you are in sight of the fuel wharf you should have no problems.

Obviously they have many other uses, such as communication between tender and mothership or the beach, the kayak or whatever else.

Congratulations to Gus for this initiative, which should make our boating a little easier.