Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Trip to Gosford Sailing Club - April 26/27

Monday 12 May, 2014

After a Marina BBQ on Friday night, attended by about 20 Members, 6 vessels departed Akuna Bay for a rendezvous off Little Box Head with Gordon Riley on "Life of Riley", so Gordon could lead us into Brisbane Water and onto Gosford Sailing Club.
Joining us at the rendezvous were long time Club Members Frank and Julie Nolan on "Reel Time".
Jeff and Trish Sheehan on "Cool Change" motored up the day before as they had a horse racing at Gosford (which won!!!).
So at 9.30am, the Akuna Bay Convoy consisting of "Scott Free" (Scott and Kim Murray, Wayne and Ian), "Latitude Dancer" (Keith and Jenny Turner), "Eagle" (Barry and Marcia Southern, Stephen and Kim Smith), "The Shed" (Rob Greene and Gail), "Reel Time" (Frank and Julie Nolan), "Big Jen" (Dennis Stokes and Annette), "Sez-Am" (Bob and Marg Taylor and Olwen,) followed Gordon up to Gosford .
On arrival we were met by some very capable "dockies" who tied us up European Style with anchors out the front and lines astern and across the boats. The process was very efficient with no bumps or scrapes and no yelling!
It is a while since we have had a boating excursion and I believe the navigation aspect and the different way of berthing was a very worthwhile experience for all of us. I hope we can get some more on water activities happening next season.
Once safely docked Gordon and his capable team put on a great Sausage Sizzle on the Marina which was enjoyed by all.
We adjourned to dinner in the "Latitude 33" Restaurant, where a number of our Gosford members joined us for an absolutely excellent dinner. The restaurant is a finalist in The 2014 Chefs Table awards and if the food on the night is anything to go on, they should have a real chance of winning.
Sunday morning dawned with a pronounced southerly and drizzle, but all were in high spirits and set off back to Akuna Bay, arriving safely after a great weekend.
A special thanks to Gordon Riley and his team for their hard work and making us so welcome.
Gosford Sailing Club would love to welcome Akuna Bay Cruising Club members at any time.
I can highly commend it!
Finally, Keith Turner has posted some great pictures of the weekend on the club website, so have a look.
Bob Taylor,
Commodore, Akuna Bay Cruising Club