Akuna Bay Cruising Club


Wednesday 26 March, 2014

ABCC's Reel Time was again a place winner in the 2014 Broken Bay Game Fishing Tournament held on 15 & 16 March in which over 50 boats competed.

At the end of day 1 Reel Time was coming 2nd to professional charter boat Gorilla with 3 marlin, also from BBGFC which was the final winner.

Reel Time's 2 marlin were a striped about 80 kg and a black about 105kg, based on their measured lengths. Regular crew member Sean had the first marlin tagged in 10 minutes on 24 kg line while a first timer Stuart took 40 minutes to get the 2nd marlin to the boat and tagged on 37kg line.

While we usually fish with 15 kg line for the small marlin (to say 100kg) for more T & R points, club tournament sponsors had a cash prize pool of $8,000, for the first capture of a blue marlin over 150Kg, hence most boats were looking for a big 'blue' out wide of the continental shelf in 300 to 600 fathoms and using the heavy gear.

On Sunday the larger boats including Reel Time again went 'wide beyond the shelf', while most smaller boats fished closer to shore. A 'blue of 149kg was landed but the prize remains for next year.

The big storm early in the afternoon cut into the fishing time and unsettled a few small boats, but it was safer to be off-shore.

At the presentation dinner at RMYC Newport Reel Time's crew of 4 accepted a plaque and prizes for coming in 5th place, a rewarding result given it was their first game fishing tournament of 2014 and with a new crew member on board.

ABCC member & Skipper Frank (0412 540 165) continues to extend an invitation to ABCC members who wish to experience game fishing on Reel Time.


Frank Nolan