Akuna Bay Cruising Club


Friday 12 December, 2003

The Club has organised Pittwater Mooring Services to significantly upgrade the five Club moorings, two will be upgraded before Christmas, with the others done early in the new year. The upgrade will consist of doubling the mooring blocks and increasing the underwater chain size. This will mean that the Club moorings will be extremely secure under most normal circumstances.

Be aware however that whilst we are making every endeavour to ensure the safety of our Members, there is no substitute for common sense and seamanship. There is no "hard & fast" rule for rafting up as there are so many variables, such as boat sizes, weather conditions and rafting techniques.

As a rough guide a maximum of four boats should be OK in normal light conditions, but any weather deterioration should see this drop back to two, with a mooring rope on each boat. Don't take any chances !!