Akuna Bay Cruising Club


Friday 30 November, 2012

Former Commodore Stephen Smith is participating in the ARC Atlantic Rally with friends aboard a 42 foot Bavaria yacht Maloo similar to his previous boat Banyandah.

Follow Smithy's progress on the ARC website....
Below are instructions on how to keep track of his boat and where he is placed.

1. Go to ARC website http://www.worldcruising.com/
2. Just below the pictures of the boats at the top of the page is a list of options select "Event calendar"
3. Scroll down until you find " 25th November ARC Atlantic rally for cruisers"
4. Just below the pictures of the boats at the top there is a square "Fleet viewer"
5.A thing called "Yellow Brick" will come up, let it complete its update, There are options across the top of the screen "-", "+",select the third one and that gets full screen. There are other selections for wind etc. down the left hand side there is a tab for "Teams" we are "Maloo".

Stephen's first update on November 19...."Well I have arrived in Las Palmas in Grand Canaria an amazing place just off the North African coast. The ARC obviously is a big event for the island with so far 230 boats arriving. These range from 32' to some huge superyachts and everything in between.
We had the opening ceremony yesterday with the local brass band leading a parade with I guess, including locals consisted of about 2000 people being herded like cats around the shores what is a huge marina. The atmosphere is like a warm summer afternoon on H arm on a Friday. In the afternoon yesterday we went to a local sailing club where we participated in racing with traditional local sailing boats which are way over powered and are crewed by people built like Sumo wrestlers. There is a very strong club of these things that go like stink and are about as stable as the Greek economy. To tack they have to move the sail and a wooden mast from the front of the boat and then behind the mast (13 m high and 5m across the bottom which is the same length as the boat) reattach it to the front of the boat then tension the windward side mast support, then shift 15 25kg bags of sand from one side of the boat to the other whilst shifting the crew of 7 all over the boat to trim it for speed. This process has be completed within 8 seconds to even stay with the pack. Following the sale the members cooked us a fabulous lunch of local food which included beer and all for free. It was an amazing experience.
We are preparing the boat and the community of crews help each other with all sorts of boat maintenance.

Stephen provided another update on November 29 in a call to Barry Southern who said..."the Atlantic is throwing all it has got at them, sea state a constant 4 to 5 meters some of the waves are breaking over the stern of Maloo, wind anywhere between 25 35 kts, it was a bit garbled but I think he said that they had to make a rudder repair which would have been interesting in conditions like that. All in all he was in good spirits and having a good time, we all know Steve he is in his element!! Let's hope he gets this blue water sailing out of his system! I looked Maloo up on the race tracker and during the day they have made a major course change and have pretty much put her back on the rum line, yesterday it looked as though they were heading to Cape Verde, currently they are running 15th in their class picking up 3 places during the day."