Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Australia Day BBQ at Akuna

Thursday 20 January, 2011

Following on the success of last years event, the Club again decided on a BBQ at the Marina to celebrate Australia Day. However, as Australia Day was on a Wednesday, we opted to hold our version on the earlier Friday.
We also decided that we would invite the Dockies, and other tenants and workers from Akuna Bay to be our guests. Without them , Akuna Bay would be pretty bloody boring, so it was the Club's way of saying, thanks for what you contribute to the Marina.

Check out the photo gallery to see what a great time was had by all, with many making an effort to demonstrate the "Australian" theme. A special mention to young Alexander Frendo, who showed his skills on the guitar to start proceedings. Barry and Bob did most of the cooking, and it seemed everyone was mor than well fed.

As with last year, we were treated to some poetry reading, with a couple of originals by Terry Arnold and Kim Murray, both of which were brilliant and topical. In particular Kim's poem used the names of many Club boats, and with her kind permission it is presented below.

by "Wil Parina".

at "KEYWEST", it was "SUBLIME".
Let's "PARTY ON", "MISS PATSY" said
and Darren said, WYNOT?
But "GAILFORCE" winds were forecast
and Cyclone "GALENE" arrived.
She disrupted all the "WATERSPORTS"
and "MY DREAM" of love expired.
We watched it all on Facebook,
everything was in "REEL TIME".
with gifts of "BLING" and mead.
So, ladies let me tell you,
Darren is a true "RARE BREED".
But things went sour,
the dream was lost,
while they holidayed in "BIARRITZ".
hiding back up in "THE SHED".
"SEZ-AM!" she cried out,
our love affair is dead!
This bought about a "COOL CHANGE",
She took her "AQUASITIONS",
her "CLASSIC DREAMS" were done.
She made a quick departure and found her
old love, "SCOTT-FREE".
"MISS PATSY" remembers Scott fondly,
and his 20cm "CANNON".
He's quite happy to show it to you,
if you step aboard his boat.
So dear listeners, for "MISS PATSY"
and Scott, it's "PARTY TIME"!
Keep your eyes peeled like an "EAGLE"
and you just may see them both.
They'll be "DANCING" up the "LATITUDES",
searching for their "XANADU",
utterly in "FULL MONTY".
You'll want to join them too!