Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Seafood Buffet lunch at Berowra Waters

Monday 15 November, 2010

Sadly only 15 members made this very special lunch and overnight stay at Berowra Waters. Those that missed out were definitely the losers.

Five boats made the epic voyage to Berowra Waters to enjoy a fabulous and reasonably priced Seafood Buffet lunch at the Waterview Restaurant. We were given free berthing at the new east side marina, and used the ferry to get across to the restaurant for lunch, but this just made the day a bit more special.

After a particularly long and enjoyable lunch, we adjourned back across the river to enjoy several hours solving the problems of the world, before enjoying a sausage sandwich or two, exquisitely prepared by Superchef Barry.

Yes, it is a fairly long haul to Berowra Waters, particularly as much of the last few miles is 'no wash', but it is well worth the effort, and there are several quiet bays near Berowra with moorings just begging to be used. Just in case you need to overnight up there.