Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Ode to Akuna - a poem by Terry Arnold (Xanadu)

Friday 29 January, 2010

"Ode to Akuna"

I love a sunburned country
I love a sheltered bay
Where boaties all, like you and me
Can play around all day

I love it at Akuna
We often stop for lunch
And gaze upon the passing crowd
The mad Akuna bunch

Like Scottie with his "Cannon"
He likes to keep it loaded
It's got a ten foot bowsprit
That's just a tad corroded

With Bob & Margaret in "Sez-Am"
They've travelled many miles
And even found the rainbow's end
But that's the Taylor style

Then there's 'Greenie" in "the Shed"
A lovely place to potter
Or even go out boating
If you feel you've gotter

Bob and Bernie, they've got two
There's one that you can borrow
The other one is on its way
And should be here tomorrow

Mike and Wendy, very trendy
In their boat "Y Knot"
It's sleek and fast, you can't get past
It takes off like a shot

Of course there's Keith and Jenny
Are they as pleased as punch
Got themselves a ballroom
The biggest in the bunch

It doesn't matter what you've got
From runabout to cruiser
Paddleboat, or Steve's big yacht
No one down here's a loser

And there's the ball at Hallets
As formal as you please
Where you can dance the night away
In water to your knees

I love a sunburned country
I love the open sea
But when it's time to come to rest
It's Akuna Bay for me

Terry Arnold (Jan 2010)