Akuna Bay Cruising Club

June Long Weekend Raft-up in Smiths creek.

Tuesday 09 June, 2009

Brilliant winter sunshine brought out our members in force for the weekend raft-up with a theme, the "P" weekend. It seems that we had more boats at this event than at any previous event. It was a fantastic weekend of fun,food good wine and boating. We had 13 boats anchored and tied to the bank plus four boats rafted up on an adjacent mooring.
New members Craig and Meg from "Perfect Fit" and Della and Ervin with "No name" joined "Scott Free", "Wendarren", "Viende II", "Wilparina", "Cool Change", "The Shed", "Key West", "Latitude Dancer", "Wynot", "Full Monty" and "Reel Time", all stern tied to the lovely shore line at Smith Creek while "Summer Wind", "Saxonbell", "Prima Donna" and "Hey Gong" tied up to the mooring.

The raft started on Friday afternoon and continued all weekend until Monday afternoon. Many members had not rafted up in this manner before, so it was also educational. We even had to move a boat out of the middle of the raft-up during the weekend and again many witnessed how to do this. No Drama at all. We even had one of our boats practice running aground, so Ian of "Full Monty" gets the "Agriculture award" for ploughing up the bay.

Speaking of awards the fish award goes to Mike McLaren for trying to sink Frank Nolan's Dingy. Mind you he was nearly pipped on the fish award by Warren Armour stepping off the back of "Wilparina". We were also entertained by a houseboat that had steamed passed us and ran aground right in front of us. Funny show, it was great to see our members setting up their deck chairs to watch the entertainment and offer advice.
There was also the usual advice on boat maintenance and repairs. Even Kenny (aka Keith) turned up to check some of the Heads. Rob Green also learnt that his boat has a stove and even a grill.

The theme "P" was taken up by all members present. We had Pirate Flags, People, Popes, Princesses, The Press, Priestesses, Pimps (unemployed) Purple, Pusseys, Panda's there was even a Pommy. For food we had Pork, Potatoes, Pumkin, Peas, Popcorn, Profiterols, Pasta, Port. The best Boat Prize went to "Full Monty" renamed "Panda-monium". Ian and Debbie went to a lot of trouble with their boat and their uniforms.

The best dress up was a harder pick with Jenny Turner "The press" Brian Budden and Amanda as the pirate with two eye patches Frank and Janet at the priest and priestess Scott in his Pink PJ's and Kim Murray as "Paddler" all fantastic.

Looking at the raft up from either end or from the dingy the scene resembled an ant's nest with people crawling all over the boats. Check the web site photos for some great shots. All in all one of the best weekends we have had as a club with a format that we will repeat in the future.

Stephen Smith
Commodore ABCC