Akuna Bay Cruising Club

TRIVIA NIGHT 2009 - by Janet Gardner

Tuesday 21 April, 2009

26 members and the children of the Frendo and Scheffer families who joined in with much enthusiasm, fronted up to the Annual ABCC Trivia Night on Friday 17 April 2009 at the marina.

After selecting tablemates and group names, Janet and Past Commodore Frank Gardner started proceedings. This year's trivia consisted of a set of 8 categories:- Nature; Entertainment/TV; The Human Body; Literature; History; Geography; General and Nautical.

To give some variety to the night, three puzzles were also presented to the group: Completion of a set of facts; a logic puzzle like what is 7 W of the W ? (7 Wonders of the World) and to test general observation a set of questions were posed on awareness of aspects of d'Albora marina, such as, How many flagpoles are there? How many pump out stations? Many were stumped by their lack of knowledge of the marina and they were really tested by the nautical questions!
As always, there was much merriment and hilarity with far too many interjections to make the night anything but boring. Many times the presenter was challenged on a technicality but this was quickly settled with a firm reprimand.

Surprisingly the tally for the group questions was extremely close as the cumulative tally kept rising but the winners were the "NBI Group" (No Bloody Idea) Frendos, McLarens and Arnolds with a score of 53.

Prizes consisted of wine, a selection of useful products for boating from Bunnings and a variety of tapes and adhesives which were very kindly donated by new member Chris Scheffer. Chocolates were also distributed to keep the brains activated!

Thanks also to Joanne Stokes and the owner of Clipper's Hire Fleet for input to the questions posed.

If you have any bright ideas for inclusion in the Trivia Night 2010 please contact Janet & Frank Gardner on pyrmontplace@bigpond.com

Janet Gardner
"Viende 11"