Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Beach Ball on our own Tropical Island

Tuesday 03 March, 2009

Hard to believe it, but it's just so true, it was even better than last year and there are almost sixty Club members and friends who will be happy to confirm what a spectacularly colourful, fun filled night it was.

On Saturday afternoon, brilliantly directed by Marcia Southern (what a legend), Hallett's Beach was transformed into a tropical island by a dedicated and enthusiastic bunch of helpers. There was a group of yachties gathered for a function at the other end of the beach who must have been stunned by our efforts and the spectacular effects.

By late afternoon, the scene was set for a brilliant night as our colourfully clad group assembled on the beach amongst the "palm trees". As daylight turned to dusk, then darkness, the full effect of the afternoon's efforts became obvious. The decorations, the lighting, the table settings, the entire atmosphere was unbelievable. Here we were, not too far from the city of Sydney, but on our own tropical island, a million miles from anywhere, surrounded by fun, laughter, good friends (and Jimmy Buffett music). It just doesn't get any better.

A picture tells a thousand words, so check out the photo gallery and see for yourself, were we having fun or what?

As the party wound up (about dark:30pm), we made our way back to the boats, anchored nearby and settled in for a few hours sleep, Re-assembly was about 9.00am on Sunday, when, with many willing hands helping, Hallett's Beach was cleaned and raked and returned to it's original pristine condition.