Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Australia Day (it ain't half hot Mum) by Kim Murray

Saturday 24 January, 2009

I would like to know who we put in charge of the weather because they stuffed up.
Illawong Bay was at the receiving end of a stiff nor-easter blowing in like a hairdryer all day. It was very very hot! but we still had a good crowd attending. The Park Ranger cleaned up the site for us and we camped under a beautiful shady tree that afforded shelter for all of us.

I had a few silly games for us to play of which we played two but it just seemed too cruel to try and get people out of their chairs for the usual beach cricket. A few of the crowd cooled off in the water under the watchful eye of the ranger in the pay station. Brian Budden's younger crowd had more than enough energy to participate in more hectic activities. Bow and I had water pistols and strangely there was not much objection to be hammered by water, specially when I filled up from the eskies with melted ice.

We cranked up the electric BBQ's and a few hardy souls stood over the added heat and cooked our lunch. Scott Murray, who is bereft of the BBQ chromosome, was given some valuable lessons in the finer techniques of turning a sausage over. I hope he's come away with something....

By 4.00pm, we called stumps and retired 'hurt' to the cooling environs of the Club room which had an airconditioner on that kept the room at a pleasant 24 degrees. We crammed in there for a reprieve from the heat that was measured at 38.5 on the way back from Illawong Bay. The Commodore bestowed garlands and gifts on the prize winners. Congratulations to them all, you know who you are (I hope) because I didn't take notes.

We watched the TV anxiously awaiting the arrival of the forecast Southerly which finally arrived to the relief of all.

Kim Murray (Scott Free)