Akuna Bay Cruising Club


Thursday 09 October, 2008

The iguana is a genus of lizard native to tropical areas, commonly found in captivity as a pet due to its calm disposition and bright colours.

How or Why Iguana Joe's at Gosford was so named is a mystery to us but its reputation has recently received somewhat celebrity status.

The Akuna Bay Cruising Club decided to venture forth to this famous spot as the point of call for the October Labour Day (how appropriate !!) long weekend.

After a thorough briefing in the Club rooms by the Rear Commodore Kim Murray, on a dull and misty Saturday morning the boats departed from the marina. The fleet consisited of Latitude Dancer, The Shed, Zantara, Full Monty, Key West, Viende 11, Scott Free and Bella collecting two other boats, Sublime and Aquasition on their way up north to the Brisbane waterways. Commodore Stephen Smith took the lead on Past Commodore Keith Turner's vessel, with Rear Commodore Kim Murray at the rear of the convoy. These ten boats proceeded north using the recently acquired navigational skills, GPS, maps and of course the constant communication via Channel 69.

About two hours later with just a couple of slip ups half the convoy navigated to the west, the other half navigated to the east. The writers' transport ran into a sandbar (not the type of bar they are used to). All ended up north at the marina adjacent to Iguana Joe's. In all just over 30 club members (some of whom had traveled to the venue by car) assembled in the famous venue for lunch. It was great to greet the Frendo family on Aquasition on this, their first club function.

A most comprehensive luncheon menu tempted the palates of the ABCC members. Several decided to have the Lobster Mornay, your writers included. This turned out to be great. However one of your writers was 'not a happy Jan'. After having to return hers twice to be properly cooked she said to the chef, "Do you know who I am? Well, I would like to report a redeeming feature of their service as I was offered a free $6:00 dessert. Nice compensation! All agreed that the quality, quantity and variety of food was excellent.

Alas, however, after being thoroughly spoilt with a floating marina at Akuna Bay the tide was so low that Janet had to be hoisted down onto Viende 11 and had to remain there all evening due to the metre and a half difference from the marlin board to the wharf. Past Commodore Frank was able to climb out and later jump down with his knee replacement and have drinks with Ian and Debbie.

Thankfully the high tide allowed us all to depart the marina the next morning and with renewed experience of the Brisbane waters under our keels we set forth south with no mishap, even though the weather was just as dismal as the previous day.

Great fellowship was had at the "lizard's lair" and the trip to and fro gave captains and their mates good boating and navigational experience.

A huge thank you to Rear Commodore Kim Murray for her excellent organization, co-ordination and nautical skills in assisting members on and off the wharf with ropes and fenders.

Another highlight of this long weekend was the win by the Manly Eagles at the NRL Grand Final.

Janet and Frank Gardner,
"Viende 11"