Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Navigation Course

Tuesday 23 September, 2008

Commodore Steve (intrepid and adventurous sailor that he is), organised a most interesting Navigation Course for Club Members during August and September.
Over 4 Friday evenings, a dozen or so of us were subjected to some serious brain straining, struggling with longitudes and latitudes, compass deviation and variation, followed by the pizza suppers that became a critical part of the course.

Jim Orrell, who runs a variety of seamanship courses, proved a worthy instructor. He was able to put up with all our 'power boat' nonsense and constant references to GPS, yet still manage to convince us of the importance of a 'real compass' and a bit of navigation know how.

Having personally experienced a situation where 2 GPS separate units 'died' on a coastal voyage, I know what he means.

Those of us who benefitted from the course will have no further trouble, finding our way from Akuna Bay to Refuge Bay. We may even manage to successfully round West Head into the notorious Pittwater area with out a GPS.

All in all a most worthwhile excercise.