Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Frank & Janet's Trivia Night.

Friday 09 May, 2008

Another boisterous night in the Club Room as Frank and Janet tested our combined intelligences with an interesting and devious range of topics and question. With the group breaking up into 4 teams, each with 6 members. Even the team names were interesting, calling themselves "Glassy Arses", "The Thinkers", "AAAAHHHHRRRRRRRR" and "Halekulani Masters". An interesting struggle ensued through the evening with the "Halehulani Master" off to an early, and seeming invincible lead. However, the "Glassy Arses" capably lead by Commodore Steve stormed home with the last topic, which was appropriately "Marine Matters".

An interesting change to the program occurred at the halfway mark, when Michael and Joy, friends of the Gardners, presented a musical quiz. This was based on music of the sixties and seventies, where a 15 second segment of 24 songs was played, and we had to name the song. This was great fun and hopefully will be on again next year. Thanks, Michael and Joy.

With the contest over at about 10.30pm, a few members partied on until the wee small hours, during which time Milan (totally sober) made a very bold move. The story goes that $300 was raised for the Leukemia Foundation, with Milan kindly offering himself for a serious haircut. Barry then showed off another of his many talents as he weilded a set of clippers to transform Milan's appearance, you'll see from the photos that Barry did a pretty fair job. Maybe a "Captain Barry's Hairdressing Salon" at Akuna Bay is a serious option.

A huge vote of thanks must go to the tireless efforts of Frank and Janet, not only did they put together a great night, they also coped with the boisterous nature of the evening with a smile (though Janet did do the Headmistress bit on a couple of occasions, to bring the room back to some sort of order).

So let's do it again next year..................