Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Help Frank & Janet with a Worthwhile Fundraiser

Sunday 11 May, 2008

Frank & Janet Gardner are active members of The Rotary Club of Inner West Inc, and we can help them with this project.

The Don Bosco Boys Home in Maggona, Sri Lanka was established in 1913 by a Franciscan Missionary, to provide care and education to the orphans and destitute children of Sri Lanka. The Tsunami in December 2004, placed an enormous burden on the Home, due to a large increase in the number of displaced children.

Today the Home caters for 120 boys, aged 5 to 18. All those who have the capacity to pursue higher education are given an opportunity to attain their goals. Those unable to proceed further with their studies are given training in agriculture, animal husbandry and technical education to assist them in finding suitable employment.

On Saturday 24 May the Frank's Rotary Club will be holding a fund raising night at St Andrew's College, Sydney University. We are all invited to join in a night of fun, music, dancing, fine food, fellowship, Operatic and Jazz entertainmet and much more.
Tickets are $85 a head, and include all food and drink.

Phone Frank or Janet on 9660 7443 for more details