Akuna Bay Cruising Club

The ABCC 2008 BEACHLESS Ball (by Kim Murray)

Thursday 13 March, 2008

It was the weekend of the gala event of the ABCC social calendar. Much plotting and planning had gone into the Ball, made so much easier for the committee because we reverted to a self catering event.

Now Friday saw the usual suspects toting gazebos and tent pegs down to boats for transport out to Hallet's Beach. "Wilparina" and "Eagle" set off late on Friday afternoon to take up defensive positions off Hallet's Beach to prevent any other clubs, interlopers or members of the general public from assuming that the beach was available for all to use. Not this weekend, no siree!!

In recent years, Mother Nature has hurled her fury down upon us during our Beach Balls. Thunder and lightening, blackouts, flash flooding, risk of electrocution have all been elements of the Beach Ball (and that's just unplugging the shore power before we've departed from the marina!)

So the committee had decided to move the date of the Ball back to try and get out of the notorious storm season of February. Well, we made it by one day!
Friday evening was a storm and a half, but you probably all saw it. The other implication of moving the date is that it bought us closer to Easter and that means "BIG TIDES".

Saturday morning of the Ball and we discover that Hallet's Beach is no more. Hallet's National Park is apparent but there is nothing to speak of by way of a beach. What to do????

Well, in the spirit of true boaties, we ploughed on regardless, without thought of danger and consequence. We invaded the "beach" in numbers and staked out the territory we wanted. And so it began...raking, sweeping, digging, shoveling, procrastination, prognostication, umming, ahhing, the thoughtful scratching of heads and other body parts, stroking of beards and the rolling of eyes towards heaven. At the end of it all, we had four (4) proud structures on the beach which had been designed and decorated by Marcia Southern and ably assisted by a bunch of others, too many to mention. I'm not going to waste words here trying to describe the finished job other than "look at the photos and see for yourselves"(soon to be in the photo gallery)

So, 6.00pm comes around and its time to reconvene on the beach for drinks with the Commodore, with people dressed to impress. At this point, the beach was expansive to say the least, it being close to the low tide.

The evening went off well, the sky was clear and starry. The beach slowly disappeared again and by 10.30pm we were standing around, up to our fetlocks in water. The ensuing result was very soft sand under foot which for some of us, proved Newton's 4th law of physics... i.e the Earth sucks!
In the category of "Gracefully Falling in the Water in slow motion whilst half tanked" the winner is Libby, who was a guest of Steve and Kim Smith.
In the category of "Trying to lift heavy objects (generator) across gaps between boats late at night and not so gracefully falling in the water in slow motion whilst half tanked" the clear winner was our own Commodore, Steve Smith.

We played a game during dinner called "Make your own Porn Star name"
Take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on and put them together and voila!
And the winner is Bob Woolacott with "Bimbo William"
Second was Amaya with "Boots Steins"
Honourable mentions go to Tuni Getty for "Biffi Broadway"
Jo Stokes for "Peppy Maiden" and Steve Smith for "Blondie Lockhart".

The happy crowd was kept grooving and moving with the frenetic and energetic musical stylings of Milan Mitrovic or DJ MMmmm to his friends.
DJ MMmmmm was last seen stealing more and more of Scott Murray's clothing and waving his arms in the air "like he just don't care".

The conclusion? It was the best Beach Ball we've had, despite the Beach itself being a transient element in the evening.

Thanks to all who joined in the fun at the ABCC 2008 Beachless Ball!!