Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Members Night at Cafe Akuna (by Kim Murray)

Friday 01 February, 2008

By Kim Murray Vice Commodore

On Friday, January 25th, once again we had been blessed with a great weather forecast for the big weekend we had planned for the boat club.

It was the Australia Day long weekend and the committee wanted to kick it off in a big way. Thanks to our loyal members we had a sensational night.

The last time we had the Café night we had 52 attendees and I thought that would be unlikely to be repeated. This time, I hoped that we would get 30 but I was wrong. Yet again, we had around 50 members and guests to the Café. This time we could spread out the tables a bit more as our host, Alf, had taken possession of the Café. He served us pizzas while we stood around drinking and mingling and people were still arriving on the marina from work.

Then we sat down to platters of penne, tortellini and gnocchi. This was followed by various styles of risotto, with salad and bread. Finally, chicken cacciatore on huge platters but sadly we were all too full to appreciate the final dish.

Meanwhile, we were being entertained by the sophisticated stylings of one Wendi Jackson, our chanteuse for the night.

As I made arrangements for Wendi to sing for us this night, I don't mind admitting I was very nervous about the outcome. What would she be like? Could she hold a note better than me in the shower? Would her repertoire interest the crowd? Would she take a cheque?

These and other pressing issues weigh heavily on my mind.

I need not have worried!

From her first note, she had the crowd in her hand and eating out of it. People were up and dancing during dinner and as soon as forks and knives were downed, tables were hastily dragged off the floor to make more room for bustin' a move. Wendi carved herself a niche in the hearts of the Jimmy Buffet disciples when she sang "Margaritaville"! Does it get any better? Did Wendi upstage Elvis from the last Café night? Perhaps not, that was indeed a magical evening but will we have Wendi back again??

Yes, please!

Gail Thelan (Gailforce) took the opportunity to serenade her man, Werner with a Beatles song and you could have knocked me down with a feather. The girl can sing!

Wendi was lovingly whispering the next line into Gail's ear which on camera does look a bit spooky. Thanks for adding your flair to the night.

Perhaps a karaoke night might be appropriate in the future??

Wendi stayed with us until 11.30pm when we headed off back to our boats to retire for the evening.

Thank you everyone for making the night so special.

We will do it again.