Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 19

Friday 19 October, 2007

Monday 10 September 2007
5pm Collaroy Beach Miss Penny and Bow
Our first outdoor session of the new summer. She makes us run up Alexander St, Collaroy. It is a long and VERY steep street and I can do it all without stopping to walk. Then back down to the beach for soft sand sprints, stairs, situps, step-ups, boxing, push ups blah, blah, blah...

Tuesday 11 September 2007
6.30am Dee Why Fitness First Oh no! Not Penny again so soon!!
Well, it's Bow and me again in the gym with Penny. Bike to warm up. Legs, front and back, low weights, high reps. Penny keeps smashing me up on the treadmill, pushing my speed up to 15 today, then into the pool for low impact but high heart rate stuff. Good session!

6.30pm Pyrmont
Brisk Westerly blowing tonight. Mixed boats. We get very wet tonight. Lots of starts, swap sides, lots of starts. Then two races and go home. We are very excited and pumped about the racing next week. Where's our damn uniform? We want to show it to our families, you know, put it on and do a twirl on the catwalk. It is coming from Canada and has arrived on our docks. We want it in our hands. NOW!

I now beg your indulgence dear reader, while there is a cessation of the reporting until Monday 17 September when I go into 'lock-down' at Penrith Panther with the team.