Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 18

Tuesday 11 September, 2007

Monday 3 September 2007
4pm Dee Why Fitness First
10 mins on stationary bike at level 7 resistance 80+ rpms. Treadmill @ 11kph for 5 mins, 12 kph for 5 mins and 13 kph for 5 mins. Then 15 mins on a thing I call a Skywalker, bizarre piece of equipment really but very low impact. Increasing resistance from 30-35 to 40 every 5 mins. This thing gets a sweat going, quite unpleasant really but I was just dripping (sorry about the details).

Tuesday 4 September 2007
6.30am Dee Why Fitness First
Miss Penny and Bow for an hour. Great session. Plenty of sweat and reps with light weights. Great to see Bow again. She's doing great and getting ready for the new domestic Dragon Boat season that starts on 21 October at Roseville.

6.30pm Pyrmont
Well, it must have been one of the coldest, most miserable nights we've had. Driving rain, howling southerly winds blowing, not pleasant. But out we went for a brief but exhausting session of plenty of distance i.e 1000m x 2, 500m x 2, 200m x 2, all with full starts which take it out of you. Glad it was over and not many to go but funny thing is that we were singing on the way back to the ramp after we were finished. A good feeling in the boat, we are pumped and excited about the World Titles in 15 short days.

Thursday 6 September 2007
5.30pm Pyrmont
Well, today I was going to have a real tilt at the erg result my friend Sue got (401) That is the highest of any of the Masters Women. I am coming off getting 396 for 2 mins and I thought it was do-able but not so! I couldn't get anywhere near it tonight. I had two goes at it and failed both times. Oh well, I'm happy to settle for 396. Training on the water was short and intense again. No problem there, let's get out there, get it on and then get the hell off the water! Too cold to muck about. Still practising starts and then paddling either 4 mins or 2 mins on top of the start.

Saturday 8 September 2007
8am Pyrmont
Maureen and I wear a pair leopard print boxers shorts with "100% Animal" in red printed on the front into the boat this morning. Most people see the funny side of it. That's the idea but one woman didn't think it was funny at all. I feel sorry for her. We paddle in the single gender boats i.e all women, all men. We practice long distances at a high level of intensity, the Super Coach says that "tapering off" is a rumor and that we won't be doing it. Maureen and I weigh in for possibly the last time and we both weigh 80 kgs, we are VERY happy and go and celebrate with a bacon and egg roll (as you do!) It cements our position together in the middle of the boat and we both weigh the same and have very similar results on the erg and the water trials. Fortunately, I prefer paddling on the left side and Maureen prefers the right, how convenient!!

Sunday 9 September 2007
3pm Pyrmont
Well, bugger me, they "announced" the mixed team finally. How did they announce it. By putting us in a boat for training this afternoon and we figured it out! Yes, team announcement by osmosis. We had a great, exciting hit-out with our new mixed team. Lots of starts and high energy 4 mins and 2 mins efforts. So, today I am very chuffed about being in the Australian Masters Mixed Crew. It means that I'll be very busy over the entire 4 days of competition, including a 2000m race. Boy, I'm going to sleep soundly at night. I'm always stuffed after 1 day of racing let alone 4 days.

That concludes this week. See you next week for the last week before we move into "lock-down" at Penrith.