Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 16

Monday 27 August, 2007

Tuesday 21 August 2007
6.30am Dee Why Fitness First with Miss Penny and Bow.
Legs and cardio today. Penny gets me on the treadmill @ 15kph. We do stairs, leg press, hack squat, leg extensions, and treadmill again for intervals of walking and running (each time @ 15kph), wallsits holding 5 kg over our heads and the lovable and ubiquitous sit-up (with weight). Our competition is in 4 weeks now and Penny is due to give birth in 6 weeks.
People have asked me what I was going to do after all this is finished, will I start to drink again? Will I maintain this level of fitness? I don't know to be honest. The "not drinking" thing is getting easier. For instance, at the AGM on Sunday, I had no trouble not having a glass of champagne in my hand. But it is not always that easy. But I should give a big Thank you to my friends at the Cruising Club because after I made my rash vow not to drink until after the World Titles, not one person has tried to tempt me from my goal. Everyone has been supportive, if not a bit incredulous to begin with, but when they got over the shock, everyone has been so supportive, so BIG thank you guys.

6.30pm Pyrmont
Freezing night. 3 boats of mixed crew. We tried a different start tonight and it was terrific. The boat really got up and ran! We had a warm up of 35 strokes, 55 strokes, 65 strokes @ level 4 for a minute, swap sides then...a full start with 4 minutes at 65 strokes, level 4 (the same as a 1000m race) x 4 times. Then a full start with 2 minutes at 65 strokes, level 4 (the same as a 500m race) x 2 times. Head home! Very cold night and glad to get off the water and head home. The excitement building in the squad is almost palpable. So little time left and such high expectations.

Wednesday 22 August 2007
4.00pm Dee Why Fitness First
Complete my weights programmme. It is concentrating on light weights with high reps at this stage (4 weeks out) 10 mins on cycle at level 7 resistance and punch out 2 kms in 10 mins. That was hard today for some reason, felt very sluggish on the run.

Thursday 23 August 2007
Well, we received our water trial results and I have improved from 9th position to 4th position. That pushes me from outside contention for the mixed team to right up there! I am very excited about that. All my training is coming together at the right time. The coaches have not announced the team yet but I am feeling quietly confident that I'll make it. What does getting in the mixed team mean? It means that from a group of women who had to trial and test to get into the Australian Masters team to come up with a squad of 25 of the best over 40's in the country, that the top eight paddlers of that squad get into the mixed team. Strangely enough, the mixed team isn't made up of 10 men and 10 women, no, its 12 men and 8 women which reduces our chances even more. No promises about when we will find out the team. Stand by for the announcement.

5.00pm Pyrmont
Erg trial for 2 mins on my right (weak) side. Pulled 268 metres which isn't much to brag about. Then out in the boats for a mixed session in balmy conditions. Practising starts and races in readiness for the races on Sunday at Dobroyd Point.

Friday 24 August 2007
3.00pm Dee Why Fitness First
Cardio and weights, high reps, light weights, tapering down for the big event in 3 and a bit weeks.

Saturday 25 August 2007
8am Pyrmont
Started training with the Premiers (young ones) but they buggered off after a while when it became evident that we were going to beat them again. So we did our own thing with starts and races again. Short, sharp session.

Sunday 26 August 2007
8.00am Dobroyd Point Races
We competed against Premier mixed teams and premier womens teams and acquitted ourselves very well. I would expect to have beaten the club teams comprehensively and we did. Thank goodness.

Thanks for reading this and next week begins the 3rd last week. See you then.