Akuna Bay Cruising Club

PURESEAL antifouling sample trial - Update

Friday 10 August, 2007

Well, the samples have been in the water now for 6 months. I can report the following. Bearing in mind that there really is no substantial flow around the test panels, and that they are right up against the pontoon with all its growth, there is quite a lot of growth on them. A firm rub, however, sees it all come off leaving a reasonably clean substrate. A few weeks ago, I found a limpet growing on the panel, and a fairly firm wipe was required, but it came off without damaging the surface.

In summary, then, this is how I see this antifouling product. If you use your boat daily, such as a water taxi would, at reasonably high speeds, then this product will probably be OK. If you use your boat weekly and travel reasonable distances, then again it probably will be fine as well, with perhaps an occasional dive with hookah breathing apparatus to wipe off muck. However, for the way most of us use our boats, it would seem that we are stuck with ablative antifoulings for the present, in association with say Prop Speed on the props.