Akuna Bay Cruising Club

And a GREAT time was had by ALL !!

Monday 23 July, 2007

For the exclusive benefit of all who missed it, read the following and weep !!
You missed a seriously fabulous evening of great food, great fun and great dancing !!

All of Marcia's efforts were well rewarded when it all came together brilliantly from about 6.30pm last Saturday evening. The upstairs 'restuarant' looked a treat, fully decorated with Marcia's festive flair, helped by a few Club members during the day.

The food and service were excellent and with 60 members and friends in attendance the festive spirit was alive and well until the music stopped at about 11.45pm. At which time, some of the more hardy patrons continued the enjoyment until the wee small hours on a couple of members' boats.

A huge thanks to Marcia, and Barry who put a huge amount of effort into ensuring the success of this evening. There will be photos appearing on the WebSite shortly, courtesy of Milan, who did a great job as 'official' photographer for the evening. Thanks Milan & Michelle.