Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 9

Tuesday 10 July, 2007

Monday 2 July 2007
6.00pm Group Training Session with Mistress Penny and some of my dragon boat team mates.
A mild night mercifully, but the ground is very wet as we conduct this session outside at Mona Vale. I am still feeling completely smashed from running the 'Miracle Mile" the day before. Is this what getting older means? You can still physically do amazing things you thought you could no longer do BUT...it now takes several days to recover rather than 10 minutes. I ache all over and can't control my temperature, I am shaking with cold inside my home. What the!! I weigh 81.1 kg today down from 84 kg when I started this journal. I crank my electric blanket up to "par boil" and jump into bed at 8.30pm.

Tuesday 3 July 2007
Scott's Birthday! (47)
Scott and I bunk off early from work and head to Dee Why Beach to have lunch at Stella Blu which is Scott's favourite restaurant. We would normally share a bottle of wine (or 2) but because I'm off the grog he managed to polish off the bottle by himself. When its time to leave Scott declares his undying love for the chef and his yearning wish to adopt him and take him home forever. (Come along now, dear!) I take him home and tuck him up on his favourite couch where he remains for the rest of his birthday. Meanwhile, I change and head off to Pyrmont for dragon boats on a surprisingly mild night.
Mixed boats again and now we're practicing starts which I personally find to be the best part of racing. They are explosive, noisy, fast and furious. Plenty of flying water and paddles, so as the resident "splasher" I get to hide a bit too. Good session.

Wednesday 4 July 2007
No Mistress Penny this morning due to a misunderstanding. I am going on the erg tonight for my "do or die" effort over 500m on my right and left side. The target is in and around 2 min 40 secs to 3 mins.
Fingers crossed.
OK, very windy night but the girls from the Northern Beaches were running hot! All the ladies in the Masters Team from our club team were together tonight having a go at the erg. We all encouraged each other to work harder and we came away with some good results. Our club actually has the largest representation with 5 women in the Masters. I record 2 min 59 secs on my strong side and 2 mins 57 secs on my weak side. (huh?) Well, at least that's over for another month. The next test is for 1,000 metres and to do that in the quickest time possible. The men are expected to do 2,000 metres.

Thursday 5 July 2007
11am Mistress Penny for boxing, cardio and then legs. Not too bad this morning, like I said before, I think she is going soft on us as her pregnancy progresses. She is due just after our World Titles so she hopes she can join us for a drink. I have been off the grog for 2 months now. Training tonight has been cancelled for some reason, possibly the high winds. I still go to Pyrmont to help move some dragon boats onto frames ready for transport to Penrith for the team trials scheduled for this Saturday morning.

Friday 6 July 2007
Dee Why Fitness First
I go for the "Biggest Loser" technique because its weigh-in tomorrow morning. I'm on the treadmill for 40 mins at various speeds. No weights.

Saturday 7 July
Penrith Olympic Regatta Centre 7am (!)
Weigh in with an official 81.5 kg which is down 2 kg from last month. Then out in the boats for 6 races over 3 distances (1000m, 500 and 200m, swap from left to right sides) against the 'young ones'. Once again, very pleasing to beat them in all but one race. All races are videotaped and played back to us. Yuk! Slow motion replay is a very cruel thing.

See you in Week Ten.