Akuna Bay Cruising Club

"SPONTING" something the Club does very well !!

Wednesday 04 July, 2007

You probably won't find the word "sponting" in the dictionary as it is a relatively new word to the English language and has been submitted for inclusion in the next issue of the Macquarie Dictionary.

It's a word that specifically describes the activities of several members of the Akuna Bay Cruising Club, and seems to be a growing trend. There does seem a possibility that it could completely over run the Club in the coming boating season.

As you would be aware, the Club has a range of 'advertised activities' promoted through the WebSite (which you are now obviously reading!). Unfortunately many of these activities or functions seldom receive the patronage they deserve, though without fail, those that do attend have a great time and make new friends.

There are many Club Members who spend a lot of time at the marina and generally manage to catch up socially in the Coffee Shop or on each others boats. From these casual, unplanned get-togethers we have developed "sponting", which in simple terms means "totally unplanned spontaneous events with other Club Members, just because we're there".

A couple of very recent examples were, lunch for 12 on "Eagle", thank you to the Southerns for their hospitality and to Rob McCann for the great lunch.

Then there was the "Bledisloe Cup" dinner in the upstars Club Room, planned only hours before the event, but ended up with 20 members sharing food and fun till the wee small hours. This was followed by breakfast for 14 in the Coffee Shop.

So, if you're around the marina and see a few members chatting, having a coffee or working on their boats, just remember this could just be the start of another club "spont", and you could even be involved.

It's all great fun................ if you want it to be !!