Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 8

Monday 02 July, 2007

Monday 25 June 2007
6pm Pyrmont
Practice on the 'erg' for another trial. This time the challenge is to paddle for 500m and complete that in the quickest time possible. Those results are due by Friday 6th July. I am a bit fearful of the 'erg' because my results were so bad last time, I do need to post a good result.
OK, Sue and I posted a base line time of 3 min for 500 metres. So, now I have to try and whittle that down as much as possible.

Tuesday 26 June 2007
6.30pm Pyrmont
It is about 7 degrees tonight and a strong southerly is blowing. A tough session with a lot of continuous paddling over periods of 24 mins at level 4 intensity (so pretty hard). Glad that's over!

Wednesday 27 June 2007
6.30am Dee Why Fitness First
Mistress Penny shows her first sign of weakness. This is probably because she is now 6 months pregnant. She knows I have been sick and she shows mercy this morning by not making me run on the treadmill. A full hour on arms, instead. Push-ups, chin-ups (assisted), presses, triceps dips, front arms raises, push-ups, and more push ups.

Thursday 28 June 2007
6.30pm Pyrmont
Good hard session, high stroke rate over long period of time (24 minutes) with swapping sides on the run. I gotta tell you folks, it's the changing of sides on the run that is the hard part. The boat surges every time a stroke is made and if you're not careful you end up in the lap of the poor bloke in the row behind you, legs waving in the air in a most undignified manner. It hasn't happened to me yet, but I've seen plenty of my team mates come to grief. Surprisingly mild night.

Saturday 30 June
7.30am Pyrmont
In our all female crew for today, paddling against the Premier (read "the young ones) women. And I say with some real sense of satisfaction that we certainly had their measure. We were able to beat them through all the exercises even when we started behind them, we caught up and overtook their boat. I think the head coach will be scratching his head and wondering what to do with us. Team spirit was good and we got off the water with a real high.

I returned to Akuna Bay Marina to catch up with other members. We were treated to gourmet hamburgers lovingly prepared by Rob McCann and then preparations were made not to go out but to remain in the marina and watch the Bledisloe Cup on the big screen in the Club room. We BBQ'd and all crowded round the conference table to eat and then retired to the lounges to watch a fabulous game. (because we won!)

Sunday 1 July
Reconvened at the café for a post-mortem breakfast. Then I headed off home and then to the gym to have another go at my "Miracle Mile". I know people have been asking me how it feels not to be drinking alcohol and I've got to say "not much different". It is getting harder now than before and I'm coming up to 2 months off it. Anyway, I was successful at my attempt at the 4 km distance and completed it in 19:46 secs. Yahoo!! I was in dire need of an ambulance afterwards and just wanted a Bex and a good lie down. I am stiff as a board today...(Monday 2 July)

No more for this week and I'll see you in Week 9.