Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 6

Monday 18 June, 2007

Tuesday 12 June 2007
Pyrmont 6.30pm
Well, the weather has definitely taken a turn for the colder. People are really starting to rug up now. A short but sharp session, but the top gun male paddler decided to have a go at me in the boat. Dear Reader, it may come as a surprise to you but I'm no shrinking violet in the boat and during training, I encourage, cajole, badger and generally muster the crew to try harder and go stronger. (Steve Smith, please think of sailing Banyandah to Cottage Point with Stuart and Barry Deeks that particularly drunken afternoon). Having been chosen/elected to be the Captain of every dragon boat crew I've paddled with, I presume that I have a talent for the mustering thing. Well, not according to this gentleman, who found it necessary to stand up in the boat, turn round and give me a mouthful of invective in front of everyone. I was not to be deterred, would any of you? I continued to muster and cajole which infuriated this man so much that he resorted to screaming at me to shut up. (He's starting to lose it now!) I counseled him at the end of the session but he is too much of a grumpy old man to take any advice on board. Super Coach Steve is in my corner and also counseled said top gun paddler. I'm looking forward to Thursday training (not).

Wednesday 13 June 2007
6.30am Mistress Penny and Bow
Legs, legs, legs and more legs! Lunges, stairs, stationary cycle, leg extensions, jump squats, stairs, leg curls, stairs, hack squat and did I mention stairs. I have not had a drink since the Trivia Night, I remember it well, well maybe not so well come to think of it!

Thursday 14 June 2007
6.30pm Pyrmont
Cold and raining hard with a threat of hail tonight, OH! The joys of a water sport!!
We set off out in the boats, the level of water in the Harbour is the highest anyone has seen it. We don't need the ramp to launch the boats, we just push 'em straight off the concrete landing.
The rain starts to come down in torrents so we finish early, Supercoach doesn't want us to get sick but it is already too late for me. Oh, the grumpy old man isn't there.

Saturday 16 June 2007
Boat training at Rose Bay is cancelled due to the weather being the same as the Long Weekend i.e. almost cyclonic. So, us girls head off to a gym at North Bondi where we have an excellent session of boxing and running. We have a test in the middle where we have to ride a stationary cycle for 1.5kms as quick as we can. I can report that I recorded the 3rd quickest time which goes someway in making up for my disappointment in my "erg' result.

Sunday 17 June 2007
Dee Why Fitness First
I try out my weights programme that is Dragon Boat specific. They have issued us with a DVD to demonstrate the exercises they want us to do. I don't finish it because I have promised to go out for lunch with Scott and Bow to Jordans at Darling Harbour. Lunch gives me an opportunity to face down another alcohol challenge.