Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 4

Monday 04 June, 2007

Monday 28 May 2007
6pm Mona Vale with Mistress Penny
A group workout tonight with 4 of my dragon boat buddies, sit ups, shuttle sprints, push ups, stairs, skipping blah, blah, blah...pushed to exhaustion yet again, Penny absolutely smashed us.

I ground the numbers off my credit card today. I went shopping for paddling clothes to keep me warm over the winter, a delightful selection of thermal underwear, a beanie and a long sleeved wet suit vest with a fetching "Desert Storm" motif.

Tuesday 29 May 2007
6.30pm Pyrmont
Mixed teams spread across 3 boats. Intense, hard session. The coaches grade the effort they want you to use between 1 to 5. 1 would be barely floating the paddle through the water and 5 is putting in 100% effort, everything you've got. Tonight, they asked for level 3 for 6 minutes at 50 strokes/min, then change sides and do it again. Then interval training of 1 min of 35 strokes/min and 2 mins of 65 strokes/min x 4, change sides. A warmer night tonight again very pleasant, except for the person sitting in front of me who was drenched and dripping in the first 5 minutes. I have emailed the coaches to ask for remedial help for my problem before someone turns around and visits an act of extreme violence upon me.

Wednesday 30 May 2007
6.30am Mistress Penny
A very heavy weights session on arms and chest with Bow. We were both grateful because after Monday night, we couldn't run to save ourselves and we were scared she would put us on a treadmill, yes, scared!
Tonight, I will be having a go at the "erg" machine. I have written of this feudal instrument of torture before. Last seen in use at the Inqusitions, it has made a huge resurgence in popularity in measuring strength in dragon boat paddlers. Tonight, it will be set at a resistance of 5 (half-way) and we all have to go for 2 minutes each side. We will be expected to have improved from last December. I did 365 on left and 361 on right. How will I go now???
Well, I'm depressed now...357 m after 2 mins on my strong side. What am I doing wrong? I'm 6 months fitter and stronger, yet my result is worse. Can I be tired from this morning and Monday night still? I need to rest more before trying again.

Thursday 31 May 2007
6.30pm Pyrmont
Nothing can be done about my "splashing" issue until training is conducted in daylight. I am seated behind a cranky, no sense-of-humour male of Chinese descent. At the end of the session, he turns to Steve, the Super Coach and asks never to sit in front of me again. I am making friends here, NOT! It was a full 'blue' moon tonight, it was just magnificent across the city skyline and the water was calm and smooth. Hard session, once again getting us up to 65 strokes/min in a pyramid format over 10 minutes.
Still facing down the alcohol challenge despite rigorous spoiling tactics being engaged by senior members of Akuna Bay Cruising Club (no names, please)

Friday 1 June 2007
Half hour hard run in the real outdoors on roads and footpaths, its all a bit different to the treadmill.

Saturday 2 June 2007
7.30am Pyrmont
Supercoach Steve checks out my paddling by travelling along side the dragonboat in an outboard dingy. Looking to see why I'm splashing, he sees no problem and relieves my conscience telling me not to worry. Good News for me, not for anybody else unfortunately.